Yong hwa and park shin hye dating

And you wonder why Boice don't like you? Please give me a break. Whether it's true or not this post doesn't mention a word about Seohyun or yongseo, what are yongseo fans defending here? This is why we can't stand you. I beg your pardon. And hate on people don't agree with your so-called facts??? In BTS i just find them as friend. I don't know why people are saying that yonghwa and shinhye are dating just because their songs lyrics matched or like same. There are so many songs that lyrics matched. Actualy there are songs too which not only lyrics matched but also music and composition.

Its just that these two came up with great lyrics. I'm also Boice and fan of cnblue and love their songs and music.

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So i follow them and its also true that shinhye is very close friend of yonghwa. I found him happy and comfortable with shinhye. But lets not assume or think that they are dating witout solid proof. We are their fans right lets not disturb him with such rumor. And shinhye i love her too.

And love their friendship because i see yonghwa being himself and laughing when he is with shinhye like he is with his other Cnblue member and if he is happy we all should be happy because we love him and respect his talents. They are the korean boyband that i mostly admire and support. AND among the lady partner he had worked with i see yong more perfect with shinhye.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

HE shine with shinhye like he shine with his band member. Before i thought yonghwa was shy type. BUT after i watched HS BTS i found him very close and comfortable with shinhye i havent seen him like that with any other female partner. May be thats y she is loved by many people. BUT no problem more u get love u get some hate also right. But its also true that nobody in universe is percent perfect. I totally agree with above comment except I am PSH fan first. I like anyone who is her friend. I love the good influence they have on each other and how well they complement and understand each other.

Best kind of friendship. Just watching and following them this past year has brought endless hours of entertainment. Because of her, I have got to know JYH and admire and like him a lot too I don't understand the hate sentiment but do respect the difference of opinion. Although really love them together BUT more than that as their well-wisher and admirer, will accept whoever they choose finally.

May they continue to be supportive and a good friend to each other Yonghwa fans are so delusional. Dude is ugly as hell.. You are so rude to say that YH is ugly as hell and that we, his fans are delusional.. I understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but you should not bash Yong or any other person this way..

Have you seen him personally? Are you handsome or pretty? For me, JYH is handsome not only because of his appearance but his personality and character. A person is best known by the friends he has and company he keeps. He has some excellent ones among his bandmates and PSH to name a few He has had them over many years. Obviously, they must really like him. Lastly, a person who can come up with such beautiful music How can we even think of him as ugly?

Please do not jealous shin hye she is best couple with each man Seohyun Someone who is really ugly. Shin Hye is a simple young lady who doesn't need frills to be noticed.

She is beautiful I feel inside and out. No makeup or any pretension needed but I do indeed see something in yong hwas and shin hyes eyes though. I am too old to argue with any group but this is just my observation. Let yonghwa seohyun and shinhye with their friendships. And we as their fans keep supporting them What stupid said shin hye is ugly??

Who is Jung Youg hwa's girlfriend? Lovelife about Jung Yong hwa from CNBLUE | MIJ Miner8

Its such sad state of affairs that two lovely artists are being called ugly and being put down because of some misguided sense of loyalty by few overzealous fans. Why can they not agree to like one more than the other. I like PSH more but it does not stop me from admiring Seohyun's talents and ladylike mannerisms.

Similarly, we can surely back our favorite pairings without bashing anyone who has a differing opinion from us. Its true coz they started it what u do comes back to you. AND its not good to compare them. WHERE in reality she is much more beautifull than you think that's why she got to act with all hot and good looking oppas that you think..

I haven't seen her personally but i see every news and videos of her. I like and admire many people but for me Shinhye is someone special. When bedridden for few mnths,I accidently started watching first kdrama 'You're Beautiful" while surfing the net. I was totally hooked on it. I marvelled at the innocence, cuteness and adorable expressions of PSH. She did not dress up or put on any makeup, the character sometimes was dumb but the minor flaws were overshadowed by her.

I forgot my pain. That curiousity about her led me to follow her for a year and a half. Since then my admiration and liking for her keeps growing. Hats off to her parents for raising a wonderful human being and to PSH herself for being who she is without being affected by all the fame and artificiality of the entertainment world. It is because of her that now I know a lot about Korea, its culture, and history. It is through her that I was introduced to others in the industry. She is a true ambassador of Korea. Coming back to this article and comments made Surely, we have the capability to admire and like in varying degrees, many people in a lifetime.

They did all that nonsenses towards our princess..??

Who is Jung Yong Hwa’s Girlfriend? Lovelife of Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE

Those potatoes really too much.. N dont blame us if that happen, Seriously.. I love yonghwa for shinhye.. Lets read the interview Jonghyun and Yonghwa's 50 question You're source is natepann? First of all, both YongShin and YongSeo are on-screen tandem unless Yonghwa admits being with either one of them I won't believe this, especially if this is from nate pann, lmao. I believe that YongShin and YongSeo had developed a sincere friendship and that's it. Only Shinhye, Seohyun and Yonghwa knows the real deal.

AND I won't believe a Saesang no less. So stop fighting with each other. You're dragging your fandom names down, so please relax. And to that person saying Yonghwa is ugly, lmao.

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  • Park Shin-hye's past dating rumors with Lee Min-ho, Jung Yong-hwa.

Ugh, I have been a boice since their debut and I've seen him in his worst hairdo, weight gaining and so on. Yonghwa is not ugly and you should get your facts straight. Are you starting a fanwar here?! I won't tolerate such a rude comment dude. We're a nice fandom boices but if you dare to comment that again, just back off. Keep on comin' cus were count on u..!!

Jung Yong Hwa's Ideal Girl is Park Shin Hye

As much as the Doolier in me would like to believe this, the rational me prevails Peace and Love to all.. One thing is real is shin hye n yong hwa are very good friend, u can see how close they are in YB days, that was when yong hwa is NOT as famous as like nowadays. Shin hye, the one who super really very worried with antis, always do her best to not to gain any antis. It's like shin hye n yong hwa keep their distance in HS, i didnt see them like YB days again. Now i wish shin hye will have another drama soon, so people will stop linking her with yong hwa again n stupid debates will dissappear.

I love yong hwa, i just dont like a WAR. Im sorry with my english. I agree that only thing confirmed is that they are good friends and have been since YAB days. The interpretations true or otherwise are all in the way we see them. Since both are sincere and open about their friendship therefore speculations and rumours arise.